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Saturday, September 4th

FFVII Desktop Accessories!
Dash - 4:42 PM

Digicube has announced that an FF8 Desktop Accessories CD-ROM for the PC will be released. It will include FF8 desktop themes, icons, wallpaper, screen savers, and sounds.

The CD will also include a playable game of FF8's card game. Unfortunately, you will only be able to play it over LAN.

The CD also includes a programed entitled "Final Fantasy Mail". You will be able to to attach FF8 letterheads and "stamps" to your e-mail.

Desktop Accessories is set to be released in Japan on September 22nd for 4980 yen ($45 US).

Thanks to The GIA for this story.

Friday, September 3rd

Hironobu Sakaguchi Interview!
Dash - 7:43 AM

Thanks to The GIA, an interview with Hironobu Sakaguchi was posted from GameWEEK. Go here to read the full interview!

- Interview

Tuesday, August 31st

I'm not dead!
Dash - 3:44 PM

Sorry, couldn't find some worthwhile FF info to post. I'm currently working on the FF6 section so be patient!

Tuesday, August 17th

Amano returning for another FF?
Dash - 7:05 PM

According to The GIA, Yoshitaka Amano, character designer for FFI - FFIV, will be returning for another FF. He confirmed this information at the LA ComicCon. However, he didn't specifically say that he was working on FFIX.

Monday, August 16th

FF8 World Map
Dash - 10:03 AM

Thanks to FF8 Source and Dan, we have the FF8 World Map for you to see! Check it out:

-World Map

Saturday, August 14th

FF Community
Dash - 8:43 AM

Well, I've been asked to put up a link to a fellow FF site in the community. Here it is:

Final Fantasy Stuff

Thursday, August 12th

No Mod!
Dash - 8:40 PM

Squaresoft EA has announced that the US version of FFVIII will not contain a mod-chip lockout. This is good news for Europeans that plan to import the game. =)

Thanks to FF Worlds Apart for this news bite.

Dash - 8:38 PM

Eidos has picked up the rights to publish FFVIII for the PC in Europe and Austrailia! What will this mean? Will customers get the same crap version for FFVIII as they did for FFVII? We'll be keeping an eye on this news story.

Thanks to FF Worlds Apart for this news bite.

Wednesday, August 11th

FF Anthology Cover
Dash - 6:47 PM

Thanks to FF: Worlds Apart, I can show you what the FF Anthology cover looks like. Here it is, folks!

ffa_casing.jpg (18927 bytes)

Sunday, August 8th

FF7 Debug Code
Dash - 8:46 AM

Two Gameshark hackers have found a secret debug room in Final Fantasy 7. The Gameshark code that you need to put in to get the debug room is:

8009A05C 0041

With this debug room, you can access virtually any point in the game, adjust party members, gain a complete set of materia, watch a large set of CG movies, battle against inactive monsters, or even view the amount of love points among your party members.

To enter this room, enter the code into your Gameshark and select "New Game" when the first FF7 cd loads up. Then deactivate your Gameshark and enter one of the 10 rooms by stepping onto one of the moving Japanese characters or by walking onto the top bar at the bottom or top of the screen.

For screenshots of the debug room, go here:

- Screens of the debug room

Thanks to The GIA, for this news bite. =)

Thursday, August 5th

FF Anthology News!
Dash - 7:34 PM

According to FF: Worlds Apart, Square EA has announced that FF Anthology will be released on October 31, 1999 and it will be priced at $39.99. FF Anthology includes FF5, FF6, and a musical soundtrack. Reserve your copy now!

That reminds me, I've gotta change the poll sometime. =)

Wednesday, August 4th

Guardian Forces - Action Figures
Dash - 1:12 PM

Four new guardian force action figures will be made. The new ones will be: Bahamut, Shiva, Diablos, and Gilgamesh (Go Gilgamesh!). Each of the 8 (the newly announced ones and the previously announced ones) guardian force figures will include a piece of the Ragnarok. Putting the pieces together creates the Ragnarok.

Thanks to Square Gamer for another news bite. =)

FF8 Characters - Action Figure Set
Dash - 1:08 PM

An action figure set of the FF8 characters will be made and sold at EB, EBX, and WaldenSoftware. More stores will probably pick the set up though. The set will be released a few weeks after FF8 is released for the Playstation. A link to the picture is right here.

- Picture of action figure set

Thanks to Square Gamer for this news bite.

Dash - 1:05 PM

MSNBC posted a news story on Squaresoft! Go check it out now! =)

- Squaresoft Article

Thanks to Square Gamer for this news bite. =)

Sunday, August 1st

FF8 OST Review by: Mog
Dash - 4:00 PM

My friend Mog has just posted a review of the FF8 Soundtrack at SQUARESOFTpresents's forum! Here it is:

This soundtrack is wonderful. Definatly one of Nobuo's best. It comes in a nice white box covered with cg clips from the game, with 4 cd's total.

When you start the first disk, you start hearing Liberi Fatali. An excellent song that is fully orchestrated with lyrics by a choir in latin. only downside is that it's too short. The battle theme (Don't Be Afraid) is also excellent. One of FF's greatest battle themes. The overworld theme (Blue Fields) is also very good. It's nothing like FF6'a or FF7's overworld, but is good. Very interesting. The games boss theme (Force Your Way) is interesting. When just going through the disk you wouldn't notice it. The game over theme (The Loser) is one of the couple times you actually hear the prelude in the game. The prelude is never played by itself at any time in the soundtrack. Then The Man With the Machine Gun is a very dance/techno like battle theme. Very good beat with it. Then the next track (Julia) is a nice short piano solo of the games love theme (Eyes on Me), which is also very emotional and powerful with the singer Faye Wong. On disk 2, it has a track titled "FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC", it is the lyrical song on this disk. Very good, and the lyrics are incredibly easy to remember... On disk 3 has a chocobo theme called "ODEKA ke Chocobo", and that is a very simple, short, song that sounds similar to just pushing buttons on a telephone. However, it has that same theme from the other FF's and is a very good version of it. And the disk ends with the track "Eyes On Me", which some don't like, while others love it as I do. Disk 4 is a excellent closer for the soundtrack. It starts with a very interesting rock-like version of a chocobo theme. The airship theme (Ride On) is very beautiful. May be the best airship theme yet. The final boss themes (Legendary Beast, Maybe I'm a Lion, and The Extreme) are perfect. And they are followed with "The Successor", which is another piano solo that is the beginning part of the ending. Then comes imediatly a 14 minute, orchestrated ending theme. It also has a wonderful version of "Eyes on Me" sung during it, and the FF main theme, and a slight version of the prelude again played by a single harp.

The sound quality is near the best ever heard. It's definatly the best of any FF game. With Nobuo's FF7 quality disappointing, he sure learned the psx and came back with something wonderful. Not to mention the 3 excellent orchestrated songs.

This soundtrack is definatly worth the money getting. It's a must get.

- Mog

EB Offering FF8 Maps!
Dash - 8:27 AM

EB will give you a 24 inch x 24 inch map of the FF8 world if you give at least $10 when you preorder the game.

Thanks to The GIA for this news bite.


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